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What is Daughters of The Well?

DOTW began as a one-time gathering that has since grown into a semi-annual event. 

Dr. Tony Robinson, founder of DOTW had a dream of bringing women together under

one roof for a weekend of worship and fellowship.

These women were her spiritual daughters, covenant sisters, and dear friends.

The radical impact of that retreat on Dr. Tony's life and the life of the women who attended defied explanation and she knew God had so much more in mind and the ministry of DOTW was born.

In a world that celebrates busy, DOTW Retreats are a much-needed break from all of the going and doing. They are life-changing weekends of recalibrating and reconnecting your heart to the heartbeat of the Father. It is a time for women to be poured into, refreshed, and to experience the power of Kingdom Sisterhood.  

Our prayer for every event is that we all will be more fully awakened and receptive to God’s incredible love that empowers us to rise up in right identity as His glorious daughters.

That we will experience His presence more deeply and intimately.

That we will allow His Holy Spirit to quicken us to understand our value and purpose.


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